Karen Koren: Show jam is airport sticking point

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The Highland Show is a great event that was on at the weekend. It is the highlight of the farmer’s calendar and an enjoyable day out for families.

The only thing is, it makes getting to the airport tricky as there is only one road to the Highland Show and the same road to the airport.

I got a taxi to the airport on Friday morning and the taxi driver asked me if I had left enough time due to the traffic jams on the way to the airport. I clearly had forgotten about the Highland Show.

Sure enough, once we got to the Maybury roundabout there was a line of traffic all the way to the Ingliston turn off. If it hadn’t been for my intrepid taxi driver driving on the outside lane all the way to the airport turnoff and pushing his way in I would never have got there on time.

What happens to the obedient drivers who don’t jump the queue and sit there in frustration looking at their watches hoping to catch their flights, I do not know.

Why can’t there be an alternative route to the airport when events are on at Ingliston? The old Turnhouse airport road surely could be used or widened. I am no town planner. However, there ought to be an alternative. Even the airport trams had to be stopped a few weeks ago due to flooding on the line. Could the planners not have foreseen this happening?

I feel for the taxi drivers at the airport. The ranks for the black cabs and the airport taxis are tucked away in such an awkward position, the signs are confusing and the drivers are very frustrated.

There is a huge empty space between drop off point and the car park that is used for valet services or some such. Surely not necessary, this could be on any other part of airport land.

According to Wikipedia there were 12 million passengers through Edinburgh Airport in 2016. This will only rise in the future, surely the airport owners GIP (Global Infrastructure Partners) can do something to make it easier for the traveller.

I travelled to my summer cottage in Norway on Friday and got the flight by the skin of my teeth. I am hoping for some respite before the onslaught of the Edinburgh Fringe.

Karen Koren is artistic director of the Gilded Balloon.