Karen Koren: Sound of Music fills the air on granny duties

The Sound of Music is granddaughter Lily's current favourite. Picture: PA
The Sound of Music is granddaughter Lily's current favourite. Picture: PA
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I have had my break after the Festival, so its now my family’s turn to get away for a few days and for me to get back to babysitting duties, which I do on a regular basis during the rest of the year. My son and daughter in law left for Bratislava on Sunday leaving me in charge of their three lovely children for five days.

My three grandchildren, Finn, Eve and Lily, could not be more different. Finn turned 15 during the Festival and his biggest love is playing the guitar, acoustic or electric it doesn’t matter.

Whatever he plays it is always pretty loud. It’s better than beating the drums night after night I suppose, but while the girls are trying to get my attention in other directions it can be pretty distracting. He has become really good over the five years he has been playing.

He is also learning the piano now, which is Lily’s love, singing and playing the piano. Lily is the youngest at nine and sings all day long, especially in the bathroom. She memorises songs that others would find difficult. From Tim Minchin’s complex lyrics of Matilda, Naughty to When I Grow Up are some of Lily’s favourite songs to sing at family gatherings. Others are Doris Day’s The Black Hills of Dakota and most of the great traditional musicals.

Eve on the other hand is quiet, with special needs and has no speech at all, she suffers from a syndrome called Cornelia de Lange Syndrome (CdLS), which is a very rare genetic disorder. It causes a range of physical, cognitive and medical challenges.

Eve exhibits autistic-like behaviour, which means that she does not like change and her love is listening to musicals on a loop, she has recently moved from Wizard of Oz to The Sound of Music.

So the house is full of music while babysitting, though with listening to Maria from the Sound of Music for the 100th time every day, Lily singing most of the time and Finn playing hard rock guitar.

It can be good to get back to work for a rest.