Karen Koren: Take my advice, keep fit and take the stairs

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Six of us were sitting in the House of Bruar in Perthshire, enjoying one of their very lovely roasts of the day - absolutely delicious!

It is the perfect stop-over to browse in their farm shop and enjoy their lovely food. It is very busy, there are obviously not enough places to stop on the way back to Edinburgh.

My very hard working staff and I were on our way back from Inverness after enjoying a sunshine weekend at the Happyness Comedy Festival, with Jenny Eclair, Fred Macaulay, Andrew Maxwell, Hal Cruttenden, Arthur Smith, Alan Davies, Dylan Moran and my daughter Katy and boyfriend Roland.

I have learned to tweet this weekend and retweet in order to get closer social networkers! It is quite a revelation to me to understand how the twitter machine works.

I would recommend trying it. @karenkoren is my twitter handle. I thought it was only lorry drivers that had CB radio handles - I’m learning every day.

It appears that everything has to happen to me, but while staying at The Mercure Hotel and rushing up to my room to get my sunglasses, I got stuck in their lift. Alone in a 3 foot by 2 foot lift compartment, my perspiration was at its height.

I rang the emergency button, trying very hard not to panic! Someone arrived eventually and shouted through the doors, “Are you there, don’t panic, we have called the fire brigade!” Where on earth was I going to go?

Half an hour later, I had obviously attracted a bit of a crowd. Then I saw fingers poking through the seal in the centre of the lift, forcing the doors apart and there were three very butch firemen, smiling at me and saying, “You okay!”

Of course, I was waiting for the fireman’s lift, but alas I was fine and unfortunately it was completely unnecessary.

I walked down the stairs (three flights) and at the bottom a small crowd had formed and they were applauding me!

The things I will do for attention.