Karen Koren: Tom adds a bright note to weekend

Tom Jones. Pic: Steven Scott Taylor
Tom Jones. Pic: Steven Scott Taylor
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I HAD my big staff barbecue on Saturday which, of course, was a bit of a wash-out. We all had a good time, but the Edinburgh harr hardly lifted at all.

It didn’t really matter, but for the big concert at the Castle, which was being televised live on the BBC, it was a real shame.

All these great performers did their best and the audience were brilliant and took it all in good spirit and had a great time. The idea was to show Edinburgh in all its glory, but the Castle was barely visible.

They couldn’t even see any of the finale fireworks, which Edinburgh always does so well.

The next day we had brilliant sunshine and the city looked beautiful again for Tom Jones.

Our barbecue was for the staff to relax and enjoy the quiet before the storm. Assembly at George Square is already open with the Jazz Festival in full swing. The seating and lighting trucks are arriving at Bristo Square and everyone is running around like headless chickens.

It all gets done, though, and by next week the performers will have arrived and the biggest arts festival in the world will begin.

Before this is the Commonwealth Games, which is equally exciting for Scotland, and I am looking forward to the opening ceremony tomorrow night.

While it may not have all the pomp and ceremony of the Olympic Games, all the hard work will have been worthwhile for the hundreds of people involved.

It is 10 days of sport with 71 countries and 6500 athletes taking part and hopefully the hundreds of thousands of visitors will stay on and come and enjoy some culture at the Fringe.

This year there are 3193 shows at the Fringe and 24,000 participants. There will be 49,497 performances over three weeks. These figures are amazing and just so you know, I did check with the Fringe Office, I didn’t just make them up!

So get out and enjoy the Games, then come and see some amazing shows.