Karen Koren: What a difference a day makes to flying plans

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SO, now the whole world, well, Edinburgh Evening News readers, at least, will know, I missed my flight back to the UK on Saturday night.

To be more accurate, I didn’t miss the flight, I was 24 hours too late for the flight. It was leaving at 2.40am on the 20th and, of course, I arrived on the 21st.

I’d had a brilliant time and blindly assumed that I was going on the 21st. What a plonker! I have to say the airline were very understanding, although it cost a little extra to rearrange to take the flight for which I had arrived.

Actually, it proved advantageous as I changed the flight so I could fly back into Glasgow instead of London too. The jet lag has not kicked in yet, but I’m sure it will at some point.

I had a great time at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, not least because one of the comics I have booked for the Gilded Balloon won the Director’s Choice Award, which is the award Tim Minchin first won back in 2005.

Her name is Mel Buttle, she is from Brisbane, very Australian and very funny. I have great hopes for her and the award will certainly help her in the huge task of being noticed at the Fringe.

Other people I saw were mainly the young and new, although I did go and see Jack Dee, who was doing only three shows in Melbourne.

I popped backstage to say hello before his show. It’s been a while since I have seen him. However, I felt sure that a friendly face would be welcomed so I knocked on his dressing room door... and there he was, standing in his boxer shorts, suit shirt and tie - no trousers.

Oops, I’m not sure who was the most embarrassed. However, he was lovely and very polite and it’s not as if I haven’t come across boys in their shorts before.

We managed to laugh about it after the show, just as his manager arrived in the dressing room to no doubt defend his dignity or kick me out.

I hid behind the door, mortified!