Keep your glow sticks and tequila, this is my kind of party – Hayley Matthews

Being a mum with a seven-year-old and a six-month-old, I tend not to get out to party with the glow sticks too often, and to be honest nor do I really want to at the moment. The idea of standing with my feet crammed in a pair of heels, shaking my booty to George Benson whilst seeing double vision after five tequila shots is not my idea of a good time right now, writes Hayley Matthews.

Wednesday, 10th April 2019, 6:00 am
Hayleys dancing days arent over but she prefers another kind of party (Picture: Allan Milligan)

I’d much rather be snuggled up with my boys, all in our PJs by 7.30pm. That’s not to say that my dancing days are over, I’m just enjoying more important things right now. Plus, any party invites sadly go unanswered and forgotten about, or if I do feel like a party, I’m always too tired anyway and end up curled in bed with a cup of Horlicks. However, saying that I did recently manage a party and one that didn’t leave me feeling hungover in the morning. There were lots of babies, coffee, cake, muslin cloths and no raving in sight. It was my kind of party and as I sat there I thought of how times have changed and how I wouldn’t change it for the world. The party was at the Restoration yard in Dalkeith for the Daisy Midlothian and Daisy Edinburgh celebrations.

Julia and Kathryn from Daisy Midlothian and Daisy Edinburgh had organised it as a thank you to all of their parents for their support over the years, all past and present Daisy families were invited to spend the afternoon in the Wellbeing Lab in the Restoration Yard and it was three hours of loveliness!

The ladies were celebrating Daisy Midlothian’s first anniversary, and Daisy Edinburgh turning five years old. There was plenty to do for the parents and little ones, and with a selection of amazing raffle prizes. All raffle money raised is going to the Simpsons Special Care Unit Edinburgh, a cause close to all the parents’ hearts and a good reason for me to buy a good few tickets.

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It was a lovely atmosphere and a really nice couple of hours just to spend with little baby Oryn, enjoying having a warm cup of coffee, a few amazing cakes and just getting a chance to catch up with some people who were there with their children. There were so many people who turned up to show their support and I also think having Emma Martin the photographer there, giving families a professional picture was a lovely idea. You can never underestimate how difficult it is to get a picture of a family together. It may sound easy enough to do but it really is hard to get all the family together for a snap, so to see lots of families take the opportunity to get a picture together was really nice to see. Bless Emma for her hard work as she really did do an amazing job getting round everyone. It was incredibly generous of her to offer up her time and I’m sure all the families will be chuffed with a picture of their brood all together.

I took Oryn for a Wrigglers taster session in the Wellness Lab which he loved and the Easter Bunny theme with a box full of bunny ears wasn’t lost on me. It feels just like yesterday that I was singing “sleeping bunnies” with my first born. I’ve said before how I really like the space at the Restoration Yard and find it really family friendly. It also feels so good to get out the city for the day and not hear any cars, just the sound of the birds chirping and the children giggling.

Julia and Kathryn did an amazing job on the day, I just hope they got some cake left over for themselves.

The main function of breasts is not sexual

I was watching Jeremy Vine on TV on Monday, with Anne Diamond hosting, as they chatted about breastfeeding, specifically the story of how a woman was asked to stop feeding her baby in a café down south.

This fills me with absolute RAGE. What’s the problem with a mother feeding her baby?

We seem to believe that these boobs filled with milk are a sexual object, but let me remind everyone that their main and most important purpose is to feed a child.

When the Jeremy Vine panel were discussing the subject, a female caller phoned in accusing mothers of getting a kick out of feeding babies in public which is absolutely ludicrous.

As a mum who has often fed in public, I can tell you that male attention is the absolute last thing on a mother’s mind.

Feeding your baby, having a good latch and a comfy seat rank top priority on the list and if you have a drink of water for yourself, then that’s a bonus.

An ogling onlooker is the least of our worries.

They’re just boobs! Now can we get over it already?!