Kevin Buckle: Leith '˜is basically Stockbridge-on-Sea'

Like many on Twitter, I'm a big fan of New Town Flâneur (@NewTownFlaneur).

Saturday, 31st March 2018, 7:00 am
Artisan Coffee on Leith Walk

Most of the tweets relate to New Towners themselves and their red trews with the occasional reference to Fife in the distance. Leith also features from time to time and this week’s observation that “Leith is basically Stockbridge-on-Sea now” along with the accompanying pic of an artisan coffee shop has proved particularly popular.

The origins of red trews date all the way back to medieval times and the clothing of choice of royalty. Le corde du roi (French for the cord of the King) became corduroy and the landed gentry’s love of bright colours did the rest.

On the other hand while the origins of coffee go back to the 10th century, the artisanal coffee shop goes back only a matter of decades and has only really taken hold in the last ten years.

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