Kevin Buckle: The art of making albums has hit the Skids

Richard Jobson in full flow
Richard Jobson in full flow
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Great to see the new Skids album Burning Cities enter the UK charts in the top 30.

These are different times for new bands for sure and building up that initial fanbase has never been more difficult but even so sometimes I think these younger bands have forgotten the importance of writing quality songs and then putting them together on an album.

Four of the songs on Burning Cities were co-written with the Filthy Tongues who also have a fine pedigree going all the way back to Goodbye Mr Mackenzie.

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The overall feel of the album is just that – a band that were making an album.

I may be wrong but I’m not sure with all the help bands get these days that the art of making an album is on the curriculum.

Too often songs are “released” online and then all appear cobbled together on an album. Perhaps when Richard Jobson has some free time he can offer a master class!

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