Kezia Dugdale: I thought street food was supposed to be cheap

Let's face it, I've never been particularly cool. I've always arrived at a new trend or a phase at the point where most people are either ridiculing it, or having recently discovered it's actually destroying the planet.

Tuesday, 15th May 2018, 7:00 am
The Food & Flea Market off the Royal Mile looks fantastic

Turns out eating avocado on toast during a Portobello winter involves a few too many airmiles than we should all be comfortable with. When I started using emojis in my text messages, my on-trend friends were either communicating via Bitmoji (no, me either) or ignored my text because they only do WhatsApp these days.

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Street food vendors launch exciting new restaurant near Edinburgh Uni

The latest on-trend thing in Edinburgh just now is clearly to go for some street food. I dipped my toe in this water, or should I say ice, in the middle of snowmageddon with a visit to the Pitt Street market. The BBQ pulled pork was out of this world, but I’m pretty sure it’s not designed to be eaten with woolly gloves.

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Pitt Street market, just off the Bonnington road, opens every Saturday from 12pm and is a brilliant example of culinary ingenuity. A bunch of food vans offering wares from all around the world congregate on a bit of waste land around a fire pit and some fairy lights with live music. What’s not to like?

But the trend is now occupying our prime real estate too, with the Food and the Flea market just off the Royal Mile. It looks fantastic, but I can’t get my head round who’s eating here day after day?

I’m also pretty sure that street food culture abroad is all about cheap eats, yet that Vietnamese bao bun just cost me the same as three Tesco cheese savouries.