Leader: ‘A successful airport is a source of pride’

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EDINBURGH Airport has been one of the city’s great success stories over the last 15 years.

Just after the millennium, the airport still had significantly fewer passengers than Glasgow and only a small number of direct flights to Europe and North America.

Today, Edinburgh is not only Scotland’s number one, but it also establishing itself as one of the major international gateways in the UK. The terminal has been transformed, the security area is improved and punctuality is generally excellent.

Aside from the unfair and wrong-headed kiss and fly tax (£1 to drop a friend off at the terminal), the airport deserves great praise.

Under the leadership of Gordon Dewar and new owners GIP, it is clear that the aim is to push Edinburgh’s profile even higher.

A new hotel has just been announced and a direct link to the M8 is a long-term goal. Certainly, the current access road to the airport will struggle as passenger numbers grow. A successful and well-run airport is a source of pride to a city and all parties, including the Scottish Government, should carefully consider the strong claims for improved access.

Tough issues for voters

• SCOTLAND’S voters will have much to ponder before casting their vote in the independence referendum next year. The question of a nuclear-free Scotland is certainly one of them.

Today’s report suggests the UK government is considering designating Faslane as a sovereign territory so the base can be maintained in the event of a yes vote.

Whether you agree or disagree, the report should be welcomed as it is these practical changes about what Scotland could look like that voters need to understand.

What we need is detail on how Scotland will change, or indeed, stay the same, if we vote yes. The Faslane story is a good example of the tough issues all voters face.