Leader: ‘Be aware of the dangers of the heat’

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With no end in sight to the heatwave, most of us will be out and about at the weekend soaking up the rays and enjoying the best of what Edinburgh and the Lothians has to offer.

Edinburgh’s parks and beaches will be jam-packed with families enjoying the weather.

The city feels happier when the sun is out and – with the exception of the litter issues on Princes Street – really looks its best.

But just as we have to be vigilant when the severe winter hits so we should be aware of the dangers of the heat.

It may sound obvious but as these sort of conditions are rare for us, it’s worth remembering to take the same precautions when out and about in the Lothians as you would on a sunshine holiday.

Walk in the shade, make sure you apply sunscreen, wear a hat, and ensure you have plenty of fluids.

And while the majority may be having fun in the sun, spare a thought for those who may not welcome news of the mercury rising.

Older people can be particularly susceptible to heat-related illness and may be suffering alone.

If you are aware of an elderly relative or neighbour on their own then, as you would in extreme cold conditions, why not check on them to ensure they are comfortable and coping with the heatwave?

The longer the hot weather continues, the more likely they are to need a bit of help.

While there may not have been any significant increase in hospital admissions in the Lothians so far, many health boards across the country have been dealing with a spate of heat and sun related illnesses.

It doesn’t take long to keep a check on our more vulnerable residents and ensure we can all enjoy the weather while it lasts.

After all, the normal Scottish summer will no doubt be just around the corner.