Leader comment: Closing in on the gender pay gap

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the release of gender pay gap figures for individual companies is a welcome move.

As you will see from the list which we have published today, there are huge variations in the Capital but one common theme - more than 70 per cent have a pay gap in favour of men.

This may come as little surprise to some but laying the figures bare like this is hopefully an important move to closing the divide once and for all.

The Government now requires all companies with 250 employees or more to publish this information, meaning there is nowhere to hide.

Those who do not provide the figures will ultimately face legal action.

It’s not about shaming companies into action, although we certainly hope that happens in some cases.

Instead this forces all employers to look at themselves, understand the issue, identify where disparities exist and make moves to address them.

And that can only be good.

We should not be in a position in 2018 where a man is paid more than a woman to do the same job, or where opportunities are denied on the basis of gender.

Fair and equal pay is good for business, the employees, and ultimately the city.