Leader comment: Council still behind private sector on modernisation

Bin collections on Mondays could be scrapped
Bin collections on Mondays could be scrapped
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It would be easy to damn the council’s £21 million savings plan as ill thought out.

It is certainly tempting after the proposal to shut Broughton High’s music school which everyone is now rapidly distancing themselves from. The fact that a beacon of interantional excellence in our state school system now looks certain to be protected is a huge relief.

But what should we make of the rest of the proposals due to be put before councillors tomorrow?

It makes for pretty grim reading. Three million to be sliced from our desperately struggling social care services. Thirty six jobs to go in waste collection despite its ongoing problems. New charges for Edinburgh Leisure that seem certain to push up cost for local sports teams.

There will be new charges - for garden waste recycling and through an inevitable rise in parking fines - and a reduction in services at, for instance, recyling depots.

Most people will accept these changes if they are convinced that council services are being delivered as efficiently as possible.

The council is certainly investing in technology and making changes to working practices, but it remains far less efficient in a lot of areas than many private firms. The pace of change needs to step up.