Leader comment: Edinburgh 2021 is looking like an exciting place to be

Artist's impression of the St James Quarter.
Artist's impression of the St James Quarter.
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The scale of investment taking place in Edinburgh is simply breathtaking.

From the massive new developments like the St James Quarter revamp, New Waverley and Haymarket, to plans for a new Ross Bandstand and concert hall in the city centre, the next few years will transform parts of the Capital for generations to come.

Not all plans are without controversy as we know, and we would urge continual close scrutiny of new development especially in the most historic parts of the city. But you cannot fail to be buoyed by a £12bn investment.

Edinburgh is facing greater challenges than ever before and will have to fight hard to maintain its position, especially after Brexit. That the Capital is continuing to attract this level of investment is a vote of confidence in the future.

Challenges remain, not least around the amount of affordable housing available – a perennial issue which will only grow as prices are pushed up further. Anyone who drives around town also knows we still have much work to do to address crumbling road infrastructure.

All in all though, Edinburgh in 2021 is looking like a very exciting place to be.