Leader comment: Fitting tribute to an incredible man

Captain Eric Winkle Brown died last year. Picture: Getty
Captain Eric Winkle Brown died last year. Picture: Getty
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He is often hailed as the “greatest test pilot ever” and lived a life straight out of a Boy’s Own comic, full of derring-do, incredible feats and breathtaking bravery.

Leith-born World War II pilot Eric “Winkle” Brown, who died last year aged 97, is a true hero who it is said made “James Bond look like a slacker”.

It is only right that his achievements are celebrated in his home city and we wholeheartedly back the bid to erect a statue of him outside Edinburgh Airport.

Edinburgh is not short of deserving names for statues but few can compete with Winkle.

Former pilots of Edinburgh University Air Squadron are behind the move to raise £75,000 for the memorial which would fittingly be placed where he learned to fly.

As Hamish Macleod, chairman of the university association, explains: “Winkle was not only a man who loved to fly, but he also inspired a generation of pilots with his modest good humour, and outstanding courage. A statue of him outside Edinburgh Airport will give the estimated three to four million passengers walking past each year the opportunity to reflect on this Scottish hero who can inspire us all.”

Roger that Hamish.