Leader comment: ‘Hearts need big donations – fast’

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Show us the money. That was the message this week from Heart of Midlothian to their loyal supporters.

The response has been incredible. Children handing over their pocket money. Pubs donating their takings. Even fans of other clubs throughout the UK pledging their financial support.

In this era when football is struggling with racism, diving and overpaid players, this is an impressive response.

Today, the answer to one question is clearer: just how much do Hearts need to hold off liquidation.

Club director Sergejus Fedotovas says the club requires an additional 
£2 million from supporters until the end of the season. That’s the equivalent of an incredible £10,000 every day for the next seven months.

The true scale of the challenge is massive.

Fans giving up their pocket money is not going to solve this. Hearts need some big donations – and fast.

Iain Mercer, son of former chairman Wallace Mercer, agrees, saying that Hearts’ woes are unlikely to be resolved by fan power alone and require substantial investment from the business community.

However, many supporters and serious investors are unlikely to part with cash until they receive guarantees of significant change at the top.

Most people agree that the Romanov era is coming to an end, 
but just when will this happen? And who will 
be in charge if not Vlad?

And will ordinary fans who invest in the club be given a representative on the board? They should be.

Hearts fans young and old deserve a greater say in the running of their 138-year-old club. That is one positive change that could emerge from this sorry situation.

Hearts must survive, but they must also emerge stronger and better managed than ever before.