Leader comment: Parking permit price rises stick in the craw

A parking warden patrols on George Street
A parking warden patrols on George Street
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CAR owners often complain of being used as a cash cow by all levels of government.

The ‘double whammy’ of price rises being lined up for motorists living in the city centre will certainly renew those accusations. And it is hard to disagree.

The five per cent rise in the cost of residents parking permits bein proposed across the board - way above inflation - will have felt a little rough. Motorists won’t have liked it, but they have grown used to such treatment over the years.

To then add a further 8.5 per cent rise on top for those living in the city centre seems completely disproportionate. That will see the most expensive permits go up by £65 a year and ones for mid-ranking vehicles by £32.

That’s a decent chunk of money. But what will really stick in the craw is the justification being given for the rise.

The 8.5 per cent increase is specifically designed to cover the cost of enforcing new Sunday parking restrctions. These are arguments for and against Sunday parking restrictions, but there was no clamour from residents for them to be brought in. This always looked like essentially a revenue raiser for the council - and now city centre residents are being asked to pay for that too.