Leader comment: Roadworks are a daily frustration

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The frustration expressed by Edinburgh Lord Provost Frank Ross over roadworks in his neighbourhood are felt by many city residents every day.

Cllr Ross tweeted Scottish Water to ask why a road had been closed where there was no apparent work ongoing. A fair question and, again, one which is regularly asked by motorists across the city as they sit in apparently pointless tailbacks.

The city’s first citizen was less than impressed with the answer he got from Scottish Water too, which he derided as “straight from the corporate handbook”. These particular roadworks had already raised the ire of city councillors after it emerged no local residents had been told about the £1 million six month project. We all understand that roadworks need to happen - inconvenience now is surely better than losing a water supply - but surely there must be a better way of co-ordinating work and ensuring it is completed as speedily as possible. Cllr Ross’ anger is directed at Scottish Water but it could just as well have been any number of utility companies responsible for digging up our streets. We look forward to Cllr Ross raising the issue again at the City Chambers - that’s if he doesn’t get stuck in traffic.