Leader comment: Saying no to new homes in Edinburgh is not an option

The numbers are eye-watering.

Thursday, 26th July 2018, 7:34 am

Edinburgh needs to build 50,000 homes over the next 12 years - 18,000 more than originally planned.

That’s the recommendations of ‘SESplan 2’ which is now being sent to Scottish Government for approval. If enacted, it will have huge implications for the city.

We’ve looked at the issues surrounding the plan - which is complex to say the least - on pages 10 and 11 today.

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It’s going to mean controversy, a lot of controversy. Mass new developments will transform existing communities, changing their nature forever. Adding so many new homes into the supply chain will impact on house prices which, depending where you are sitting, could be good or bad.

But this needs to happen. Edinburgh has to grow and we desperately need more affordable housing to avoid pricing a generation out of ever owning their own home.

There will be some difficult decisions to be made but we hope a balance can be struck which involves existing communities in the decision making process.

Saying no to new homes is not an option, but we can all help shape the future of the Capital.