Leader comment: Trams might be important..but so are schools

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Welcome news today that the city’s education leader is determined to replace and renovate all of Edinburgh’s depleted schools.

We’re looking at £200 million to bring them up to scratch but, let’s face it, it’s a problem which is only going to get worse and we need to get a move on.

It’s not going to happen overnight but the sooner pupils and parents start to see improvements, the better.

The council’s decision to commit an initial £25 million comes as we also report today on the latest stage of plans to extend the tram to Leith.

Again an important project for the city to get right but one you feel would be increasingly difficult to justify while basic services are suffering.

We know council budgets aren’t as simple as all that - and it would be argued that not building a tram extension doesn’t suddenly release a tranche of cash for education.

But to the majority of city taxpayers it is exactly that simple and perception is key.

There are few things more important than the education of our youngest residents and tackling the backlog of repairs must continue to be an absolute priority.