Leader comment: We need to stand together against yobs

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the message from Chief Superintendent Kenny MacDonald today couldn’t be any clearer.

The sort of scenes we saw in Edinburgh on Bonfire Night when cars were set ablaze and officers attacked are not just unacceptable, they are criminal and cannot go unpunished no matter the age of the perpetrators.

Ch Supt MacDonald pulls no punches when he questions how children can possibly be brought up to think it is ok to attack the emergency services.

This will not be tolerated, he said, as he appealed to the community to support the police.

We wholeheartedly agree.

Police officers may be well used to facing dangerous situations to keep the public safe, but they should never be in the position of having to confront feral youths running riot for presumably no reason other than the thrill of causing maximum mayhem.

Those involved should be thoroughly ashamed that their idiotic actions may have kept officers from helping others in life-threatening situations.

And their families should be equally ashamed..that’s if they even know where their kids were that night. As Ch Supt MacDonald says today we all need to stand together to ensure nothing like this happens again.