Leader comment: What is it with Edinburgh and being unable to collect the bins?

A bin lorry in the city. Pic: Ian Georgeson
A bin lorry in the city. Pic: Ian Georgeson
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Edinburgh’s apparent inability to collect bins efficiently has probably been a source of ire on the Evening News letters page for decades.

Popular themes include ‘How difficult is it anyway to lift a bin when you say you’re going to?’ and the classic ‘What do I pay my council tax for anyway?’.

Firstly, to be fair to the council for a minute, it’s not an easy job to manage a city’s waste. In fact it’s a logistical nightmare made ever more challenging by tightened budgets. Our council tax goes towards lots of things and while refuse collection is perhaps the most tangible, resources have to be carefully managed.

But that’s enough of being fair.

It’s scandalous that three months after new routes were brought in to the city that problems are still continuing. The suggestion that the rotas are still “bedding in” is laughable.

While everyone understands that collections will be disrupted at this time of year, the current uplift lottery which can see bins left out on the streets for days is unacceptable. The ‘guess which day the bin will be collected’ game was fun for the first couple of weeks. Months later, it’s certainly no laughing matter.

We are told today that the situation is finally improving. Let’s hope so.