Leader: Council must be able to respond quickly

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The Royal Mile is Edinburgh’s shop window.

It is one of the first stops for tourists and, especially in August, is a hive of activity from dusk till dawn.

Mountains of bin bags left languishing on the street then is more than just a minor irritation, it’s potentially a serious problem for the city’s image.

Which is why when the city council was told about three separate lots of waste piled high on the Capital’s premier street, for them to still be there hours later is just not good enough.

Yes, if someone is responsible for flytipping they should be taken to task. If a business is trying to dispose of its waste in a domestic bin then it should be fined.

But putting notices on bin bags branding them illegal instead of just taking them away is ridiculous. Surely a picture can be taken and the “evidence” preserved to enable investigations into who is to blame. In the meantime, clear it up.

We understand the city’s environmental teams are under pressure at this time of year but the council has to have the ability to respond quickly in these situations. Let’s hope the bin bag mountains on the Royal Mile do not become a regular sight and our shop window can return to looking its best.

Inspirational coach

HE’s not the sort of footballer who you would see writhing around in agony after an innocuous tackle.

Not even being blown up in Afghanistan could keep David Etale away from the beautiful game. Despite suffering severe spinal injuries, the 28-year-old managed to return to star for Spartans. He has now been forced to retire from playing, but has turned his attention to coaching the next generation of talent at the team he loves. For the young players, there is surely no finer inspiration.