Leader: ‘Driving ban more effective than jail term’

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The dignity and strength shown by John Fyfe following the tragic death of his wife Audrey is simply 

It would be understandable if he were calling for the driver who caused the death of his beloved wife to be locked up and the key thrown away.

Yet just hours after learning that this was not the first time that Gary McCourt had killed someone by driving dangerously Mr Fyfe was compassionate and clear-headed in his response.

Revenge would serve no purpose, he said, better to take steps to ensure McCourt can never claim a third 
victim on our roads. A driving ban for life would do more to serve that purpose than sending him to jail, Mr Fyfe logically concludes.

It is hard to imagine that McCourt will escape jail when he returns to court for sentencing. And it is hard to see a prison sentence as unjust in the circumstances.

But we must hope that the judge will listen to Mr Fyfe’s admirable plea before he settles on McCourt’s fate – and bans this dangerous driver from ever getting behind a wheel again.

Flying high

THERE is a feeling of things taking off at Edinburgh Airport.

The Richard Branson show dropping in to town to launch the new Virgin route to Heathrow was always guaranteed to grab the 

Sir Richard is a master of PR and the airport would have lapped up the publicity behind the Virgin boss’s stunt.

But there is more to be excited about than a press pack on the runway. We report today that the airport’s owners Global Infrastructure Partners are ramping up efforts to clinch new international routes.

Opening up long-haul routes, particularly to the Middle East, has been a long-term ambition of the airport as it competes for traffic heading out west.

It was given renewed impetus when Glasgow Airport last year launched a second daily Emirates flight to Dubai, and Edinburgh’s bosses have made no secret of their desire to attract global airlines to the Capital.

This can only be good for both trade and tourism and the airport bosses deserve our full support and that of the city council and business leaders.

After the arrival of the new owners last year, Edinburgh was rebranded the airport where “Scotland meets the world”.

The indications are good that it can live up to its name.