Leader: Eadie deserves huge praise for push for change

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‘There is growing and justifiable public anger. That public anger demands a united and concerted response from MSPs of all parties.”

These were the tough words of Edinburgh MSP Jim Eadie in the Scottish Parliament yesterday as he urged his colleagues to back his stance on Consort Healthcare, whose failed management of the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary has been exposed by this newspaper.

The media and politicians can often be at odds. But in many cases elected members and newspapers work together on important local issues.

Mr Eadie deserves huge praise for his determination to call Consort to account and to push for a change in how the PFI deal operates.

Some might argue it’s too little, too late. But with the new Sick Kids Hospital moving to the Little France site, the co-operation of Consort will be vital in ensuring that decisions are acted upon speedily and in a cost-effective way. The hard working staff at NHS Lothian are depending on it.

Inspirational Ryan

It is impossible to imagine the journey Ryan Bryden has been on over the past few years.

He went to sleep one night as a fit and healthy 22-year-old and woke up the next day paralysed, warned he would never be able to breathe unaided, let alone walk again.

His response has been nothing short of inspirational, defying medical opinion at every turn he is now able to use a wheelchair, has signed up for a college course and lives in his own flat. He says he needs more support from the NHS and we’re pleased that his case is now being examined.

Ryan tells us today that he is determined to get back on his feet and won’t listen to anyone who says it’s not possible. Given what he has already achieved, who would argue?