Leader: ‘Five-year ban doesn’t feel like justice’

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THE sentence handed down to killer driver Gary McCourt has rightly sparked widespread anger today.

Many will find it difficult to fathom how a man who has now caused the death of two cyclists can walk free after being convicted in court.

The decision to impose a driving ban of just five years is certainly questionable.

The comment by Sheriff James Scott that Mrs Fyfe “contributed” to her death by failing to wear a helmet is at best insensitive.

The truth is we don’t know whether a helmet would have saved her life.

This would not have been an issue had it been a pedestrian who was hit, so it is difficult to see why it should be taken into account in this case.

He did make a point of saying he did not blame Mrs Fyfe in any way for the crash but that will do little to quell the anger.

Amongst this, Mrs Fyfe’s widow is, as he has been throughout the course of this case, considered and measured.

He had not even been demanding a prison sentence for McCourt, even though it would surely be justified for a motorist who has now killed twice.

All he – and the family of the first victim George Dalgity – had asked for was an assurance that McCourt could never get behind the wheel again.

They didn’t get either yesterday.

It is impossible not to feel for those families today and to share the view that justice has not been done in this case.

McCourt may be allowed to drive again but we sincerely hope he does not decide to renew his 

The Crown Office is also considering an appeal against the leniency of the sentence and we certainly hope this happens.

One person was responsible for the death of Audrey Fyfe and that is the motorist who hit her.

Today he should be behind bars.