Leader: ‘It looks bad to those affected by the project’

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Public perception is everything for the tram project.

Public perception is everything for the tram project.

As city leaders seek to convince us all that the line really will be worth the wait and, that after all the problems, the revised schedule is being met, PR is all important.

That will not be helped by the pictures we carry today which show workers at Shandwick Place catching 40 winks and lazing in the sun.

Now, the employees involved have very probably not done anything wrong. If they are on scheduled breaks then it is up to them how they spend the time.

The problem is how it looks for a project which has seen costs spiral out of control and an original completion date of 2008 slip repeatedly.

Members of the public negotiating an assault course of barriers to get to work and hard-pressed businesses struggling to survive around the torn-up roads want to see evidence of everyone working flat out to get the project finished.

Things may now be going well behind the scenes for the trams, but it will take a lot of work to repair the damage which has been caused over the years.

The sight of sleeping workers will only serve to rub salt into the wounds.

Try and make it work

Edinburgh City Council has approved the £8 million stadium development for Edinburgh Accies in Stockbridge after a bitter and divisive fight among competing groups.

The key now is for the community to come together and make the scheme work in the best way for all.

The new retail units could enhance the shopping offer in the area and the improved facilities should attract more people to Accies games, bringing money into the area. Accies, themselves, should certainly benefit.

Talk of judicial reviews should be kicked into touch.