Leader: Let’s hope the culprits are traced soon

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TODAY’s front page story on 90-year-old losing her lifesavings to a cruel telephone scam is heartbreaking.

She was the second Lothian pensioner targeted in the space of a few weeks and together their losses are staggering at more than £100,000.

Of course, the police are doing all they can to catch the culprits and we very much hope they are traced soon.

It is a timely reminder to be wary of every unsolicited call and suspicious of any unusual requests.

The elderly are sadly more vulnerable to these criminals but they are not alone in being targeted whether through phone, on the doorstep, or online. There are important steps everyone can take to keep themselves and their elderly relatives safe from fraudsters and you can read some of the advice on page seven today.

Advertising policy

Today there is a four-page commercial “wrap” on the Evening News paid for by the Liberal Democrats.

In the past, when we have carried such commercial sections we have been asked to make it clear that this does not represent an endorsement by the News. So we would like to reiterate that this is a paid-for advertisement and as such is in no way an endorsement by the News of the Liberal Democrats or their campaign, and the same would apply to any other party or organisation that booked a similar series of adverts.

The opportunity to advertise in this way is frequently used by local businesses, colleges, the city council and other organisations. Our policy is to accept all advertisements that meet the criteria laid down by the Advertising Standards Authority. We would, and do, accept such advertising bookings from any political party provided they meet the legal requirements and fall within those ASA guidelines.