Leader: Not emptying bins not good enough

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THE weather is glorious and our beautiful city is looking its best.

At least it is until you look down.

As we report today, Princes Street has begun to resemble something of a dustbin, with bins overflowing, cigarette ends left strewn and, well, just general grubbiness.

Now this may not seem on the face of it like the biggest issue facing Edinburgh at the moment, but consider who’s in town.

With The Open being staged at Muirfield, the Capital is awash with visitors including very high-profile guests.

The Festival Carnival will bring many more out into the city centre at the weekend.

Princes Street is one big advertising hoarding for the city.

It can form the lasting first impression for many arriving in the city at Waverley or from the airport bus.

Clearly everyone has to take some responsibility for keeping our streets clean and there is no excuse for a litter lout.

We would fully support the environmental wardens fining anyone responsible.

But it is simply not good enough for on-street bins to lie unemptied mid-morning before the lunchtime rush has even begun.

As unusual as it is, surely the city can cope with a prolonged spell of sunny weather?

The indications are that the city council is aware of the problem and is now taking action.

Bigger bins are on the way for Princes Street after being ordered and large container bins are to be put out this weekend.

All very well as long as they are emptied.

Resources which are usually stepped up in time for the Festival are being done a few weeks earlier this year to cope.

We’ll be watching the situation closely and expect to see a big 

We don’t get weather like this often so let’s not spoil it with any more grime in the sunshine.