Leader: Result of Portobello poll is loud and clear

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The results of the public poll on the future of Portobello Park are emphatic.

The most important point was always going to be what the local community wanted. A three-to-one vote in favour of building a new high school is as loud and clear an expression of their wishes as anyone could have hoped for.

It would be both honourable and admirable if the save the park protesters were now to accept the building plans as the democratic will of the community in which they live. Given how divisive the issue has become, that seems highly unlikely.

But the campaigners fighting to get the school built on the park – who include this newspaper among their number – now know without a shadow of doubt that they represent the views of the overwhelming majority.

That is a huge step towards our goal of finally getting a decent home for the biggest school in Edinburgh and its 1300 pupils.

The controversy surrounding these plans has centred on the fact that this land was historically designated as “common good”.

The central point that we hope the MSPs who will now decide its future will understand is that building a school there is the best way of serving the “common good”. That is the unambiguous view of the local population.

This is not a battle about protecting green space. The local authority has already pledged to replace most of the parkland that will be lost by grassing over much of the existing school site.

This is a battle about empowering a local community to make its own choices about what is best for its future.

Try the corner shop

THERE has never been so much choice for the consumer – and it’s never been easier to shop. You don’t even have to leave your living room to order your weekly groceries direct to your door.

But while the convenience of the big supermarkets is undeniable, is it the best way to shop? Is it even the cheapest way to shop for certain things?

The Evening News today launches a Shop Local, Eat Local campaign which will see a series of features supporting local independent businesses over the coming months. The results from our road test today highlight the expert knowledge and service which is on hand in local stores and perhaps throws up a few surprises when it comes to price.

Of course the supermarkets are going to continue to be the first port of call for many, but is there room to experiment by trying what’s on offer in your local high street?