Leader: Sighthill kids should be commended

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THERE has been much debate about the decision to allow 16-year-olds the vote in next year’s referendum.

The arguments against are well worn. They are not mature enough, surely they will vote with their idealistic hearts, not their heads etc.

And the debate will no doubt continue long after September next year as the impact of the teenage vote on determining the future of Scotland is analysed.

Whichever side of the independence fence you stand on, evidence today suggests the conclusion may well be that our young people are more than capable of making thoughtful, reasoned decisions for the greater good. Certainly, that is true if the youngsters at Sighthill Primary are anything to go by.

The pupils there have had their own vote. Not quite on the scale of the referendum but to one p7 class perhaps just as important – whether to have a lavish prom or settle for a £2-a-head pizza party.

They have taken the decision to reject the formal dance and save their parents the potential of forking out hundreds of pounds in the process. That way they could be sure everyone in the class could enjoy the occasion as they wave goodbye to their primary years.

They deserve to be commended after their first experience of democracy in action.

Keep calls coming

Our Dish the Dirt campaign to tackle dog fouling has obviously struck a chord.

Support has been flooding in since we joined forces with the city council to launch the crusade against irresponsible owners – and more importantly so have the calls to the campaign hotline.

Officials are busy pulling together all the information you are feeding them, ready to launch stings on the offending owners.

So, if you don’t clear up after your pet, you have been warned. And, if you do, keep those calls coming, on 0300 4563476.