Leader: ‘These changes are important to our future’

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Even for the technophobes among us who think Edinburgh is an E-city mainly because of the first letter in its name, today’s recognition that the Capital is leading the way in online commerce is great news.

This is a modern and forward-looking city packed with young and enterprising people. That is not just an idle boast, it can be backed up by the findings of repeated recent studies, including the latest one today from Google. Businesses in the Capital are embracing online or e-commerce more than almost anywhere else in the UK, a study by the internet giant has found.

That does not just translate into more convenience for those of us who choose to shop online, it is also an important factor in securing the future success of these businesses, and the jobs that come with them.

This recognition will come as no surprise to technology-watchers who know that Edinburgh has worked hard to stay at the forefront of technological development.

The city is one of the first in the UK to access BT’s superfast broadband, which is starting to bring lightning-fast downloads to thousands of homes and businesses.

Wireless broadband is being developed in the city centre, on trains and on buses. And our transatlantic network routes mean we are as well connected with New York as any 
European city.

You only have to look at the enormous success of Amazon – and the closure of so many high street stores – to realise how important these changes are to our economic future.

Edinburgh has always been a city of old and new. It is important to all our futures that this healthy tradition is continuing in the 21st 

Playing it cool

So Stockbridge is the third coolest place to live in the UK.

It has been named behind only Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire and Bethnal Green in London in a new list of cool locations (and four places ahead of Glasgow’s flag-
bearer, Kelvingrove).

It may not be a particularly scientific survey, but it is still nice to see it getting a bit of national attention to confirm what we all already know.

With its eclectic shops and village feel, Stockbridge is one of the Capital’s gems for locals and tourists alike – as well as hosting some of the most expensive streets in the city. And with events like the ATP Champions of Tennis tournament around the corner, there is a real buzz about the area at the moment.

Let’s just hope the new cool 
status isn’t reflected in the weather for much longer.