Leader: ‘This gives you a chance to fight back’

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we are lucky to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Forget for a moment our world famous heritage, and think about how you are always close to lovely park or beach in Edinburgh. And think too about our string of appealing local high streets, each with their own distinctive “village” feel.

Most of us appreciate these great assets – even if we are all guilty of taking them for granted at times – and do what we can to keep them beautiful.

But a growing minority just couldn’t care less. They let their pets leave their mess on the streets and in parks where our children play.

It is not only disgusting, but it risks spreading a disease which can cause blindness, particularly among the under-fives.

We know how big a problem it is because of the growing number of phone calls, emails and letters you send us about it. And we see it for ourselves every time we step out of the door.

Today we are delighted to be joining forces with the city council to launch our Dish the Dirt campaign.

It gives you the chance to fight back by reporting dog fouling on the streets where you live. Don’t worry about the cost of using the hotline, you will be charged no more than a standard national rate call, even from a mobile, and it will be included in your minutes 

The specific information you can provide will be invaluable to the city’s environmental wardens 
as they try to target the worst 

Over the coming weeks we will be bringing you details of other initiatives in which you can get involved and offering tips on how to tackle errant owners.

In the meantime, please call the hotline and Dish the Dirt. Our city is beautiful, let’s keep it that way. And let’s make sure that the ignorant, lazy minority can’t spoil it for the rest of us.