Leader: '˜Unexpected gesture is the best Christmas gift'

christmas spirit is alive and well in Edinburgh this year.

Monday, 12th December 2016, 7:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 12:58 pm
Kelly Hatton General Manager and front of house Georgina Vonh of the Camero Cinema.

Hats off today to the Cameo cinema which has launched a new ‘pay it forward’ ticket campaign.

It borrows a successful idea used by the Social Bite sandwich shop among others.

Customers will be invited to buy an extra ticket when purchasing their own and ‘pay it forward’ for someone who can’t afford it.

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The tickets will then be donated to the Edinburgh Food Project who will distribute them from city foodbanks alongside food parcels this Christmas.

It’s a fantastic idea which might just bring a bit of extra Christmas cheer to some struggling families this year.

While there is much focus on addressing the physical need of poverty through food banks and clothing banks, there is a gap when it comes to addressing wellbeing and general quality of life.

Last year, the Edinburgh Food Project fed 7555 people with 34 percent of referrals citing basic low income as the reason they struggle to feed their families.

These families are not just facing problems putting food on the table. They have no opportunity to enjoy the little extras over the festive season which many of us take for granted.

One trip to the cinema of course isn’t going to work miracles but the impact of such a gift will be greatly appreciated.

There is a Christmas lesson here for all of us.

At this time of year when we look forward to over-indulging and celebrating with friends and family, a reminder to look out for those less fortunate is timely indeed.

Whether it is buying an extra ticket at the movies, donating to a local charity appeal, or even looking in on a neighbour who may be spending the festive season alone, we should all make time to do a little extra. An unexpected gesture, however small, could just prove to be the best gift of all this year.