Leader: ‘We will follow proposals with interest’

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DESPITE our mock-up picture today, there is little prospect of Princes Street ending up like Times Square.

News that the city council is considering whether to allow digital advertising boards will nonetheless spark the same level of concern as any new proposal in the World Heritage Site.

What the council has to do is find a way to exploit new technology and the demand from advertisers to open up a welcome new revenue stream while at the same time protecting the historic beauty and character of the city.

It has been suggested these screens could appear on scaffolding as temporary installations although clearly permanent sites would be far more attractive to advertisers and lucrative for the city coffers. They would also, however, be far more intrusive and, as a result, controversial in Edinburgh.

We live in a city steeped in history but also one which is aiming to be at the cutting edge of new technology, selling itself as a vibrant place to live, work and visit.

Merging the new with the old is a constant problem for our city planners and one which is only going to increase.

We will follow the consultation and the comments on the plans with interest, hoping a sensible middle ground can be found and a clear policy put in place.

Princes Street, after all, is not Times Square – and we like it that way.

Centre stage

You may not have heard the name, but if you’ve been a regular Fringe-goer for the last 50 years, chances are you’ll recognise the face.

Today we tell the remarkable story of Alan Ireby, who has appeared in countless productions over the years, simply for the love of acting.

He really embraces the spirit of the Fringe. Well done to him, and here’s to many more years treading the boards in Edinburgh.