Leader: You can’t put a price on buying extra time

Alison Tait and her daughter Ellen
. Picture: contributed
Alison Tait and her daughter Ellen . Picture: contributed
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The news that the NHS in Scotland is to fund the life-extending drug Kadcyla is welcome today.

Anyone in doubt about the decision need only read the heartbreaking case of Alison Tait, a single mum to daughter Ellen.

For her, Kadcyla will not be a cure but it will potentially give her the opportunity of precious extra time with Ellen.

You cannot put a price on that.

Decisions such as these are always incredibly difficult when you are weighing the cost of treatment to the public purse against the benefit to what might be a relatively small number of patients.

We certainly do not envy those who have to reach judgment on funding of treatments.

They quite literally have to make life or death decisions and will never be able to please everyone.

In this case, it is good news as the Scottish Medicines Consortium has agreed to fund Kadcyla for around 100 patients a year as well as the game-changing HIV drug known as Prep.

Patients who have been waiting desperately for this news will be celebrating today, having been given the best gift of all.

More time with their loved ones.