Leaders: ‘Council could not have been unmoved’

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THE outpouring of support for the ­Engine Shed since it was announced it was under threat has been ­remarkable.

Thousands have signed a petition urging the city council to find way to avoid cutting its funding.

Of course at these times of austerity, difficult decisions have to be made. But the city council could not have been unmoved by the support for the Engine Shed and the fantastic work it does.

For nearly 25 years, the social enterprise business has been a life-changing experience for young people with learning disabilities. For the families who have benefited, the prospect of it not being there any more is just too difficult to imagine.

Today, there is some good news. Not, what everyone wanted to hear, that its future is secure but that there has at least been a stay of execution.

Instead of facing a ruling later this month, a report has now been put off until September raising fresh hopes that a way can be found to save the project.

This council has already proved it is willing to listen to public feeling and the message on the Engine Shed could not have been clearer. Let’s hope by the time September comes, a new strategy has been worked out and this vital project can get back on track and continue to do what it does best. Change lives for the better.

Bite of Apple

Steve Jobs famously started world-conquering Apple in his parents’ ­garage. Now Scott Wilkinson is looking to grow his Simply Fix It business by undercutting the global corporation right under its nose.

He is promising to mend Apple kit on Waverley Steps for a fraction of the price likely to be charged at the technology giant’s Princes Street store.

Good luck, Scott. We’re sure Steve Jobs would have admired your entrepreneurial spirit.