Leaders: ‘It deserves to be brought back to life’

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EVERYONE wants to see The Tron Kirk back in regular use.

The High Street landmark has been under-used for too long and deserves to be brought back to life as a living piece of Edinburgh’s history.

The current debate over whether to allow a licensed venue to continue to use the Tron before it is taken over by Edinburgh World Heritage in two years shows no sign of dying down.

We can see both sides of the 

Whatever the building is used for, it is important that it lives well with its neighbours and all complaints or concerns have to be taken seriously.

But given its location slap bang in the heart of the Royal Mile surrounded by pubs and a bustling night-time economy, its use as a licensed venue does not seem to be an unusual solution, especially if other groups are being offered 
access for the majority of the year.

If there are other potential occupiers for the next two years then they should of course be examined before a final decision is made.

The former Old Town information visitor centre which ran in the Tron for five years was said to have been a great success, for 

However any use has to be sustainable and crucially not rely on subsidies from the cash-strapped local authority, which perhaps again points to a licensed venue being the most viable.

We are all looking forward to the day Edinburgh World Heritage moves in and transforms the kirk into their own visitor centre.

Until then we should try to ensure that an important part of Edinburgh’s history does not simply lie empty, depriving taxpayers of income at a time when it is desperately needed to boost the city 

Councillors have a tough decision when they rule next week on the immediate future for the building. We just hope it is not 
neglected any longer.