Leaders: ‘It’s vital that inquiries end the confusion’

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THE experience of devastated parents Arlene and Gary McDougall, given conflicting information about the ashes of their baby Fraser, who was cremated in 1999, raises more disturbing questions about the Mortonhall scandal.

After first being told there would be no ashes following the cremation, they then discovered last November his ashes had been buried in a garden of rest, but now the council has said there were no remains after all.

Understandably, the couple feel they no longer know what they can believe – and they are not alone.

It is vital that the inquiries into what happened at Mortonhall get to the truth and end the confusion, which is currently only adding to the distress of parents who have already suffered enough.

It is not good enough for grieving relatives to be told one thing, then another. Clarity on such sensitive matters is essential.

All those affected by the scandal must be able to have confidence in what emerges from the investigations by the council, PricewaterhouseCoopers and former Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini.

SoCo so good

For such a dramatic development in the heart of the Old Town, the new SoCo building has been largely forgotten.

But it promises to be a fantastic addition to the Capital, linking bustling South Bridge with the at times equally lively Cowgate below.

It is only a quirk of history – and geography - that has seen the city develop on two such distinct and separate levels.

The new steps and public space linking them will largely do away with that barrier, transforming the way we, and tourists alike, enjoy that part of the city centre.

Today’s official launch of SoCo is a fitting tribute to the late councillor Tom Buchanan who did so much to encourage development that improved Edinburgh.