Leaders: ‘Two hours should just be starting point’

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New government statistics reveal that the numbers of children in city primary school’s benefiting from at least two hours of PE a week is 

Against a backdrop of spiralling obesity and a growing trend towards sedentary lifestyles, this is welcome news.

Getting kids moving when they are young is essential for health and confidence, while the wider benefits of sport are well 

However, the two-hour target is modest and still does not compare favourably with many of our European neighbours. In fact, the two hours of PE should only be viewed as a starting point.

With the majority of schools now reaching the goal, the Scottish Government should take on the role of the ever more demanding team coach and set new tougher objectives for local authorities, encouraging them to go further in improving the health of our young people.

This, of course, will require greater investment in staff and in facilities. But this would be money well spent.

In this regard, Edinburgh’s commitment to spend an additional £243,000 on gym halls and pitches is to be welcomed.

Give a Liddell respect

What a great idea it is to have a day dedicated to celebrating the incredible Eric 

The man, who we recently named top of our 100 Greatest list, fully deserves the honour of having his remarkable life story shared as widely as possible.

It may not draw the same crowds that turned on that day in 1925 but recreating his famous walk from Hope Terrace to Waverley Station sounds like a fantastic event and we hope it is well supported.

Who knows? Eric Liddell Day may soon become a regular fixture on the Edinburgh calendar.