Letters: City should introduce fines for jaywalkers

Since the second phase of 20mph was rolled out across the Capital, transport issues have plagued our letter page. Here's a collection of just some of the letters in our paper today.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 4th March 2017, 5:52 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:06 am
The rollout of 20mph speed limits in the city centre has dominated our letters section. Picture; Neil Hanna
The rollout of 20mph speed limits in the city centre has dominated our letters section. Picture; Neil Hanna


Go-slow cyclists add to road misery

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As I drove up Cramond Road South to Davidson’s Mains this week, one of several vehicles following a lone cyclist up the hill in second gear, I was struck by the blatant inefficiency of this.

Each vehicle was travelling at about half the speed it would otherwise have gone at, which added to its journey time, wasted fuel and increased emissions.

A dozen or more people’s time was wasted by a single cyclist seeking doubtful health benefits. Had there been a bus following the bicycle it could have been four dozen people’s time being wasted. Furthermore, because our city is heavy with traffic lights and awkward junctions, a delay in one section of a journey often leads to missed lights and cumulatively greater delays.

None of this is to suggest that bicycles don’t still have a part to play. However, the time when bicycles were an engine of beneficial social change, especially for women, is long gone.

Also, the blanket extension of 20mph speed limits to even quite major roads in our city throws up many of the same issues.

We very much need a transport rethink that takes into account the value of people’s time and the importance of speedy transport to our economy, rather than relying on a false and idyllic narratives promoted by the Greens and their fellow travellers.

Otto Inglis, Inveralmond Grove, Edinburgh

Speed limit is a waste of taxpayers’ money

I see the council has wasted more taxpayers money by implementing the stupid 20mph speed limit. It won’t work.

I see no point in causing tailbacks when the way ahead is clear. Most drivers slow down in town anyway, so why waste over £2 million on signs?

Is this council trying to bring traffic to a standstill and cause more congestion? The trams have already contributed to that. We didn’t need them.

It is clear to see that Lesley Hinds and her cronies are anti-driver by recently increasing parking charges, the trams and now the 20mph limit.

It is their way of getting back at drivers for voting against the congestion charge in 2005. They are hoping people will leave their cars at home.

It is about time the finger got pointed at irresponsible pedestrians instead of always drivers. What really makes my blood boil is when I see parents taking young children across roads when the red man is still showing.

It’s about time money was spent on repairing potholes.

Let’s hope the new road convenor does a better job than Lesley Hinds has done.

Stephanie Wint, Holyrood Court, Edinburgh

City should introduce fines for jaywalkers

Since it is the City of Edinburgh Council’s sole wish to ensure safety for pedestrians of all ages, why don’t they do something really radical and introduce jay walking fines for any pedestrian who crosses the road against the red man or who weaves their way through flowing traffic and/or crosses the road at a non-designated spot? This could be a real life saver.

R Duff, Friarscroft, Dunbar