Letters: Don’t break out those cigars yet

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IF there’s one thing we love more than giant pandas in the Capital it’s giant panda babies.

So there was a flurry of excitement here at Talk of the Town when we received a zoo press release exclaiming how the female had enjoyed a “roll in the hay for the first time”.

Accustomed as we are to even the most obscure euphemism, TOTT was about to crack open the cigar boxes to toast the new furry arrivals.

As it turned out, the black and white bear was just enjoying the latest addition to her enclosure, when a bundle of hay was added providing another place for her to get comfy.

Holyrood dreamers turn their thoughts to Rio

THEY normally spend their days dreaming of independence, unlimited budgets or perhaps having a shot in the big seat, but this week MSPs are being asked to share a different sort of dream.

Politicians at Holyrood will be invited to share their hopes for the environment at a “dream catching” event to mark the 20th anniversary of the landmark Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil in 1992.

The Green Dreams campaign is part of a global effort to record the hopes and dreams of men, women and children worldwide on issues such as health, air quality, community, transport, energy and climate change, ahead of this year’s UN United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development.

Spice up your love life

FORGET oysters, chocolate and Champagne – it’s a mad hot curry that will spice up your Valentine’s Day this year.

While not usually the food of love, a city restaurant is offering a special aphrodisiac menu on February 14.

Tommy Miah’s Raj on The Shore will feature Rasam, the south Indian seafood extract, and Asafoetida, which compared favourably with sildenafil – or Viagra – in recent tests.

Diners have been warned.

Wish we were there..

WITH the recent spell of chilly weather only adding to the economic gloom, it’s perhaps not surprising that Capital residents are reminiscing about happier times.

According to study by a supplier of self-catering properties, 81 per cent of people in Edinburgh are reminiscing about their summer holidays to beat the winter blues.

Sadly, the survey didn’t reveal how many were basking in fond memories of a wet weekend in a self-catering cottage in Wales to help cheer them up.