Letters: Is this Edinburgh’s worst street for overflowing rubbish?

Academy Street Leith must be the worst street in the city for rubbish. This is what you see on a daily basis - Laurie Street too.

Saturday, 4th May 2019, 9:03 am
Updated Saturday, 4th May 2019, 9:05 am
Academy Street has been labelled the 'worst street in the city for rubbish' by Evening News reader Frank Ferri. Picture: Contributed

I suspect unwanted donations to the Bethany charity shop on the corner of Duke Street contributes - old, unwanted furniture lying there is a giveaway - together with new, incoming Leith residents perhaps unfamiliar with our disposal of waste regulations.

I regularly see scavengers rumaging through donations in the evening at the charity shop. I suggest CCTV to catch and fine culprits.

It’s a disgrace and damages Leith’s image.

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Frank Ferri, Newhaven Main Street, Edinburgh

Very welcome ban on circus animals at last

Three cheers to the government for finally introducing the long-awaited bill to ban wild animals in circuses.

It comes after years of countless protests, ad campaigns, and pressure from celebrities and the public – including the 94% of British people who responded to the government consultation on this issue by demanding a complete and permanent ban.

It’s unthinkable that in 2019, animals continue to be caged, chained, beaten into submission and deprived of all that’s natural and important to them. For them, the passage of this bill into law can’t come soon enough. Around the world, animal circuses – as well as other institutions that cruelly imprison animals for human entertainment, including SeaWorld and other marine parks – are on the decline and PETA is rejoicing.

Elisa Allen, Director, PETA Foundation, All Saints Street, London N1

Speaking of Pete Wishart’s ambitions

It is a most curious turn of events to find that someone who has so often stood in the Commons as the angriest man in Scotland, ranting about the UK government and all that it stands for, now suddenly proposes himself as the custodian of all that is good at Westminster.

SNP MP Pete Wishart’s bid to be the next Speaker of the House of Commons is a breathtaking example of how far self-delusion can take you.

As least he can claim to have momentarily united the two sides of the Scottish independence debate, as all look on with incredulity.

Keith Howell, West Linton, Peeblesshire