Letters: Let's have a referendum on tram extension plans

From your letter columns it seems I am not the only one who would like a referendum on the mooted extension of the trams to Leith or Newhaven.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 24th March 2017, 9:57 am
Updated Saturday, 25th March 2017, 10:49 am
Do you think the tram extension should be decided by a referendum. Picture Ian Rutherford
Do you think the tram extension should be decided by a referendum. Picture Ian Rutherford


An enquiry was set up under Lord Hardie which unfortunately has not, yet been delivered. Primarily it was to discover what and where it went wrong and to learn the lessons for future ventures of this nature.

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Irrespective of the time taken, no-one can forget the over-run of the tram cost and the protracted delays and loss of revenue for business plus the constant legal battles with the contractor Bilfinger, which were invariably lost by the council, so surely it is imperative we wait for the outcome.

The SNP, supposedly in coalition with Labour, haven’t raised their heads above the Lesley Hinds parapet. As an old SNP member I have as yet had no reply to my letters on this matter from SNP leader Councillor Ross nor the previous incumbent Sandy Howatt!

If the SNP become the leaders of the next administration, let’s restart with a John Swinney outlook when he made quite clear his opposition to money for the trams but was outvoted by a Wendy Alexander-led combination of parties.

Forgetting about the city deal that might or might not materialise, let’s concentrate on keeping our libraries/community centres open, letting visitors spend a penny without having to use pubs etc for the purpose. This is a world UNESCO heritage site and a tram won’t help our visitors find a toilet.

Thanks to your political editor Ian Swanson for unearthing some dubious monetary deals which most people had suspected for a long time (News, March 21).

Also, Jenny Dawes told of being left in the dark about the project by her council officials in last week’s News. Another shocker.

Leave the whole matter until we have some money and remind the politicians that it’s our money they’re using for an unwanted and unloved, very likely double or more the initial estimate and very likely road upheavals and traders losses to this likely debacle of an extension.

Douglas Thomson, Moray Place, Edinburgh