Letters: Parking axe for cruise liner leaves disabled all at sea

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ON Tuesday I had an occasion to take my disabled wife to the Forth Bridge at Queensferry and once again couldn’t get parked as they had blocked off all the disabled and several other spaces as there was a cruise liner in.

This has happened several times before. The ironic thing is there were no buses at all to take the passengers to the town. Instead they were using taxis to take them at £18 a time one way.

Does the council have the right to block off disabled spaces? Also the toilets opposite were in a disgusting state and no advert for tourists.

Alistair Dawson, Harburn Drive, West Calder

No options in a grim situation

REGARDING David Fiddimore’s comment about the cat killed in the road (Letters, July 19), I was the unlucky person to find the poor thing.

After parking my car I moved the cat to the edge of the road and checked it for signs of life and ID – there was none. Should I have then gone around the very large neighbourhood and chapped on the doors at 5am? I don’t think I would be very welcome at some of the houses, so what should one do?

James Anderson, Canongate

Heat claims are a load of hot air

I HAVE good news for Keith McNeill (Show us the facts to back argument, Letters, July 18). The recorded global mean temperature has not experienced anything like “an average rise of 0.12°C per annum” – neither throughout the period since 1880 (that would have been over 15 degrees warmer), nor throughout the period more recently since the late 90s (the two periods discussed in our correspondence).

The plateau in the latter period (which was my limited and specific claim) is shown in data from the University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit website, Global Temperature Record article by Phil Jones.

The Nasa website shows similar data. This plateau is during a period when CO2 has risen steadily.

Cllr Cameron Rose, City Chambers, Edinburgh City Council

Council must be held to account

It seems that almost every day, the city council comes under severe criticism from the public. Whether it be the Statutory Notice investigation, the trams, abuse of public money, secrecy and cover-up, incompetence and, of course, the sheer contempt it shows when dealing with the public.

No matter what councillors or council officials do, they do so with complete impunity. They are never held to account.

The longer the scenario goes on the more damage is done to the image of the city and the more frustrated and annoyed we become.

I suggest the overwhelming majority who have had enough of being treated in this manner contact their MSP and ask them to start proceedings at Holyrood to open an investigation into Edinburgh council.

Enough is enough and it is time Edinburgh council was held to account for its actions.

David Black, Kenmure Avenue, Edinburgh