Letters: Waverley must take steps with escalators

Waverley's escalators are often out of order. Picture: Esme Allen
Waverley's escalators are often out of order. Picture: Esme Allen
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As a fairly regular train user, I have been impressed with the improvements at Waverley Station.

Not, however, with the escalators which were installed on Waverley Steps.

They have been open for two years now and I can honestly say that I have hardly ever seen all six escalators working at the same time.

There is always at least one which is out of order. The lowest “up” escalator has now been out of order for at least two weeks. It is so disappointing that such a new state-of-the-art facility should be experiencing recurring faults like this.

If it were a kitchen appliance and it broke down this frequently we’d be asking for our money back.

I did read something a few months ago which explained that there was a technological glitch and that the whole system which controls the escalators was going to be replaced. I wonder if this ever happened. If so, what is the reason for this new inconvenience?

It is so disappointing . . . and yet seems typical of Edinburgh’s shoddy attempts at infrastructure ‘improvements’.

Veronica Noble, Morningside, Edinburgh

Moaning councillor offers no alternative

Continually the leader of the SNP in East Lothian criticises the current council, yet when asked, he has no alternatives and no solutions. East Lothian SNP has no direction.

People do not forget the previous policies of his party, especially cutting home-to-school travel for many children in the Fa’side area.

However, his recent comments blaming the East Lothian Council administration for not providing free school meals as a reason why a child had to go to the foodbank was, to say the least, appalling and misdirected.

Councillor Stuart Currie will stoop to the lowest depths to try and make his point, but unfortunately this only further demonstrates his inability to show leadership within his own party.

Since 2007, the SNP has had three leaders. It is only a matter of time until it has a fourth and hopefully someone who will work with other local councillors for the benefit of East Lothian residents.

I await the councillor’s comments, but alas I shall wait a long time.

Robert McNeill, Meadowmill Loan, Tranent

Weighty woes if we slim down the forces

We may well be living in a “free” society, but it would appear this has become an Achilles’ heel. To those in authority, best results are achieved by self-control rather than state control.

However, it should be remembered that training in the armed forces is an integral part of the British way of life.

By making cuts in the armed forces, the government is not making any savings, but is in effect committing an act of fraud by denying industry highly-skilled people.

People who have been trained in the forces rarely suffer obesity. The political parties have been warned.

C J R Fentiman, Polwarth Gardens, Edinburgh

Tax would prevent a sticky situation

Am I the only person who thinks there should be a tax on chewing gum, which then goes directly towards paying to clean up the mess left on pavements by people spitting it out?

We all complain about the poor state of roads and walkways and yet we think it’s ok to vandalise them with gum. Something needs to be done to control this mess.

Joan Graham, Morningside, Edinburgh

Showing a red light to the green agenda

A group of eminent climate change scientists have just warned, in the Hydrological Sciences Journal, that the debate about climate change is distracting us from the true causes of flooding.

They said that trends in human activity on the landscape continue to cause an increase in flood damage and that concreting over flood plains, cutting down trees and expanding cities is making flooding much worse, meaning that when rivers burst their banks the water flows on to roads and concrete, rather than bare earth.

Another very important aspect is that rivers, streams and ditches are no longer properly dredged to enable rainwater to be dispersed efficiently.

It would be better that the environmental agencies ensure that rivers and waterways are properly dredged, since this has been neglected.

The Met Office has also said there was no evidence that the winter floods had been caused by man-made global warming.

Where does this leave Friends of the Earth and the green lobby, which persistently states that mankind causes floods, typhoons, hurricanes and anything else that suits their alarmist agenda?

Clark Cross, Springfield Road, Linlithgow

Community deserves credit for zoo efforts

Praise to The Centre shopping complex in Livingston, which raised £2000 for the fire-hit Five Sisters Zoo (News, January 22).

Tragically, 48 species of animal were killed in the fire at the West Calder zoo last year.

The centre announced its partnership with the zoo following the devastating inferno last April and joined the community-wide effort to rebuild the charred homes of the animals which were affected.

No doubt the fire was a deeply sad disaster in which animals perished, but the cash boost will be a great help.

Well done to The Centre and also to the community which rallied round to help. They all have lovely, big, kind hearts.

June Fleming, Hercus Loan, Musselburgh, East Lothian