Edinburgh reacts to fears that rising rents are making living in he Capital unafforable for many

Evening News readers reckon landlords are asking too much for properties. Here are some of your thoughts

Friday, 22nd November 2019, 5:01 pm

Better get on and demolish more existing buildings then and build thousands more student flats to drive long term residents out of their homes and replace them with a totally transient population.

Graeme Robertson

Rents cheaper in Edinburgh than Aberdeen. A two- bedroom flat, kitchen/living area and bathroom over £1000 plus all bills, even after oil crash. So everywhere is now expensive.

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Lorraine McKendrick

Crazy how the rent prices go up but never had a pay rise.

Mikey JB McLaren

It’s a lack of affordable family accommodation that’s a real killer. So many of the three and four-bed places are now HMOs that can be rented out at £400-£500+ a room. How many families can afford to shell out £1200+ a month in rent compared to three or four students splitting it between them? There’s no way I’m going to be paying that or shelling out an absolute fortune to buy a family-sized home in Edinburgh. Not when you can buy three- bed semi-detached houses for less than a two-bed flat in a lot of places within 30 minutes of the city. Edinburgh is now just like London, operating in a complete bubble compared to the rest of the country. Setting ourselves up for potentially a lot more social problems in the future.

Craig Lumsdaine

Rental prices in East Lothian are high. In Dunbar it costs between £650-£700 for a two-bedroom place , three beds are about £900-£950!

Vicky Tait

£725 rent for Drylaw, plus £100 council tax. Then take your hard-earned cash then decide to sell after two years, leaving you homeless.

Lena Robertson

This is what tourism and student accommodation are doing to our city.

John Whyte

Parkhead just off Longstone. My neighbour’s house has been gutted and done up as she’s in a home now. Never even had heating, it was stuck in the 50s. She paid £500 a month - now modernised and they want £800 a month!

Brian Riley

We recently moved out of a small flat on Montgomery Street that we’d been in for six years. Started at £625pcm and was remarketed at £950pcm when we left and it didn’t even get a lick of paint!

Leah Pine

Moved to West Lothian from Edinburgh many moons ago. Just couldn’t afford a decent family home in the Capital. Looks like that’s still the case for many folks.

Paul Sloan

I wouldn’t begrudge my rent if my landlord would maintain/upgrade the property as needed but he won’t, even with a letting agent breathing down his neck. Absolute joke!

Lisa Warren

We moved to Edinburgh in 2017 paying £1000 a month. A year later rent went up to £1150.

John Smith

I am wondering if our government can do something on it. Like a rent cap maybe?

Mash Wood

It’s called supply and demand.

Scott Davie

Even council housing is ridiculous. C’mon, over £500 a month to stay in West Pilton - now that’s a real crime!

Paul Sayers

With an SNP government that is basing our economic future on bringing 100s of thousands of new people to Scotland with reduced corporate taxes (read the white paper) and an SNP council that has zero regard for Edinburgh residents and focuses on welcoming tourists (endless short-term lets), what do you expect? The residents are just a commodity. Get ready to move out and make space for the new arrivals’

Mark Burdess

Everyone wants to live in Edinburgh. Excess demand on limited supply pushes prices up (simple economics) and as a result, local Scots are pushed out of their own city.

Ian Gordon Davitt

Living costs keep going up and incomes are stagnant. It’s a problem for landlords as well. It’s not possible to buy homes due to the crazy prices and now foreign money is coming in to nicer areas, further putting prices up.

Mazi Ali

And yet again, if proof was needed, it’s a student and tourist city only.

Mandy Milne

Gorgie Farm

Heartfelt ‘thank you’ from former Gorgie City Farm staff as immediate future secured after Edinburgh Council boost

I have always said that the farm should receive funding from the council and NHS Scotland and be used properly as an educational and therapeutic resource for the city!

Val Anderson

There are a lot of educational charities that not only don’t receive funding from councils, but the councils actually expect their services for free. So sad.

Kay Rooney

Now people have to use it and donate every time.

Laine Gray

Fabulous ladies!

Catriona Taylor

Fantastic news!

Terry Blair