'Edinburgh staying in tier three is a joke' - your views on Nicola Sturgeon's Covid-19 level changes


By The Newsroom
Thursday, 19th November 2020, 7:00 am

Covid changes

'Edinburgh staying in tier three is a joke' - readers react to Nicola Sturgeon's Covid-19 level changes

Jim Christie

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Why are people getting so hung up on SNP? Don’t you realise - it doesn’t matter who is in charge, the outcome and guidelines will be the same. Lockdowns and rules aren’t just happening in Scotland.

Carol Dixon

I'm sick of hearing people saying she should have done this that and the next. She wouldn't have taken these measures at all if people would just follow common sense! I work in retail and it's ridiculous the number of people who come in and don’t wear masks. We are not allowed to say anything. If you have health issues that means you can't wear a mask, then don’t come to the shops.

Julie Fitzsimmons

She’s doing her best. She didn’t create this virus so isn’t at fault, but she’s doing her utmost to save the NHS. The world is in crisis, far more than at the start of lockdown. Everyone needs to be tested at the same time.

Rebecca Sales

With the lack of transparency on data,why are opposition MSPs not holding Sturgeon to account and effectively waiving through all these draconian measures, such as no household meetings when transmission rates and cases are very very low, in many areas? Scotland wont tell its population what they can do for Christmas yet, keeping everyone in psychological suspense. Of course, there are lockdowns in other parts of the country, but they are more proportionate. For example, in Hull they are asking for schools to be closed, which I don’t agree with , but, their case rate is over 700 per 100,000! Nowhere in Scotland has that yet there is so much drive to close schools.

Gail Murray

You wonder why she bothers, reading half the texts on here. There are just some people you can't help, Trump voters in Scotland.

May Angel

She needs to take these actions because of the idiots that are not respecting simple rules :"Wash your hands and keep distance" is it that hard? We are paying now because of them...it’s not about the politics here.

Iain Lancastle

It's not good news that restrictions are necessary, but the facts are there for everyone to see. Covid is a social virus and is transmitted by personal contact. The fact that the numbers are rising indicates that people are not following the rules. Consequently things need to be tightened. We have only ourselves to blame. Although gutted, I believe the Scottish government is doing the right thing.

Michael Davies

Just don't understand the logic as to why one area is in tier three and the other is a tier four when they share the same hospital.

John Monaghan

The woman and her sidekicks are all clueless, but less clueless than London.

Charlie Hamilton

Shut schools and universities, that's the biggest problem with spreading this.

Grace Blacklaw Logan

I'm not a fan of Nicola, but at the end of the day she is trying. If we follow the rules we might get out the rut we are in. Only all of us together can do it if we want out this mess.

Scott Reid

Every loss is tragic, made clear in the daily tally of deaths where Covid was a factor/mentioned on certificate. But how about all the other deaths? There are about 160/170 on average every day in Scotland.

Paddy Meechan

Great job by Nicola Sturgeon as the Westminster clown remains in hiding. Never mind, people south of the Border, you got what you voted for – a circus full of muppets.

Waverley upgrade

Work starts on £1.8 million improvements for travellers at Edinburgh Waverley

Daniel Piggins

Welcome improvements many station users have been asking for. Toilet charges were scrapped a while back now, for anyone wondering, and the new link corridor is a much needed improvement too.

Lorraine Blyth

Two suggestions1. Reinstate taxi rank. 2. Site toilet facilities nearer to platforms.

Pamela Shand

They have the audacity to ask surrounding areas their opinion on cutting their budget. We can’t even get decent road repairs, just chips that fly about and ruin your car, overgrown hedgerows . . .But they can widen paths, and place trams in Edinburgh.

Chris Kirkland

You know it’s bad when they consider a toilet to have reached the end of it’s serviceable life!