Half of Scots believe NHS has got worse since Nicola Sturgeon became FM, says poll - but Edinburghers show their support

Readers are right behind the Scottish NHS despite a recent split poll. Here are some of your responses

Thursday, 5th December 2019, 5:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 5th December 2019, 5:06 pm

Well, Scotland’s NHS is the best performing in Britain, so personally I’d rather be under Nicola Sturgeon than Westmonster! I also believe people need to stop putting as much strain on the NHS and use pharmacists for advice or minor injuries units instead of A&E.

Karen Craig

With the budget from Westminster, Nicola is still managing to provide free prescriptions, free personal care for old and disabled and maintain the nursing bursary. I should know, I’m a mature student nurse and could never have contemplated training if it wasn’t for the bursary support.

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Val Anderson

By contrast, half of Scots believe that Scotland’s NHS is fantastic and out performing the rest of the UK. Anything for a shocking headline though.

Jamesie Morris

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‘Half of Scots believe that Scotland’s NHS is fantastic’

I think NHS Scotland performs far better than NHS in Wales, Northern Ireland and England! I think the SNP are doing as good a job as their budget allows.

Mairi MacLeod-Hammond

It’s not a popular thing to say, but I sense it could all be much better if folks took more responsibility for their own education and health. And, of course, the law and justice services might have less to deal with if everyone’s health and wellbeing, and learning/education were better.

Sandy Watson

The Scottish NHS is far better than the mess in NHS England. It’s saved my life twice! The SNP are making the best of the bad job that Westminster is creating.

John B Macdonald

Still the best NHS in the UK, even though the budget keeps getting cut. Maybe try blaming the government which makes the cuts and not the Scottish government which is keeping it going.

Graeme Scott

And the Scottish government pay for each and every eye test carried out by an optometrist on Scottish residents in Scotland. So think about that when you are in hospital getting your life saved due to the brain tumour or diabetes or high blood pressure the optometrist has detected during your Scottish government paid for eye exam.

Mark Whittaker

It could always be worse – i.e. run by the Tories in England. Count your blessings.

Gavin Bragdon

Nicola Sturgeon is only interested in getting independence and taking all the credit for it. Couldn’t care less about the NHS or our education system on the bare bones.

Duncan Logan

Three weeks for my procedure, which included the spec visit and still no-cost medications. I have nae complaints.

Joshua Beal

Yeah, it’s not perfect and things need to improve but unfortunately with Westminster taking most of Scotland’s money and only giving us a percentage back, there’s only so much to spend.

Scot Reilly

Honestly, the NHS will never be perfect, we simply do not have the funds to make it so. The only positives we can take is we have hard working, caring staff; we have a free at point of use system and we’re actually performing better than the rest of the UK. That to me speaks volumes.

Lynsey Macfadyen

Absolute nonsense. I have never had any issue anytime I have been to a doctor or hospital. In my eyes the NHS is well run and more importantly it’s the people who make it work – doctors and nurses and support staff. Awesome people. This with the budget they have too. Well done to them all. And long may it continue.

Tony Jones

In denial on indy

A Conservative government led by Boris Johnson is precisely what the SNP wants, so it can increase demands for a second independence referendum, says Ian Murray.

What comes across here is Murray having a wee flaky tantrum at the thought of guid, savvy Scots having the gall to think differently from him. If interest in independence is increasing, for whatever reason, then Murray, like every other unionist, will have to accept it or publicly denounce their belief in democracy.

Gillian Sproule

Vote SNP and get a Tory government. When will people wake up and realise this?

Steven Oliver

I wish people would stop blaming the SNP for wanting another referendum. It’s the people of Scotland, hopefully the majority, that want independence. They are the only party that continue to listen to the people. Very unusual in politics.

Arlene Gilroy

This is Ian’s attempt at campaigning? What it’s telling you is he has nothing positive to say about Labour or Corbyn. This is all he has, nonsense about two other parties.

Scott George