Letters: Pensioners should be made to pay their way on buses

It is scandalous that the Scottish Government extended free bus travel to the whole of Scotland and is now unable to pay for that policy forced on bus operators.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 3rd April 2012, 1:00 pm

The result is that people paying full fares will be paying more and more while the government pays less and less and pensioners are shielded from all increases. Even children will be paying for pensioners.

This must mean that there will be a loss of paying passengers from public transport; those who remain on the buses probably being those with no recourse to private transport.

What price a “green” transport policy? A social policy like this should not be at the expense of bus passengers, it is the financial responsibility of society at large, i.e. the taxpayer. I’m a pensioner and suggest we should pay, say, 50 per cent of adult fares for our journeys if that would prevent a general fares increase.

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MM Mackenzie, Grange Loan, Edinburgh

Make them regret the trams fiasco

I SUGGEST that a moment of importance is imminent in the unfolding tragedy of the Edinburgh tram project.

I refer to the forthcoming elections to Edinburgh City Council. It is now evident that the trams will go ahead despite this project making the centre of our great city resemble a third world country emerging from a natural disaster.

This is no longer being done for the benefit of the public, it never was, but as a damage limitation exercise for those sitting on our council.

May I suggest that all those who have raged at this vain and ridiculous scheme now cast their votes in the forthcoming elections for anyone who was not a sitting councillor. In this way we could conduct an anti-tram campaign that is non party political.

For years these people have sneered at public opinion and refused to hold any form of referendum on this operation that has left businesses’ and individuals’ lives wrecked in its wake.

Now is the time we can make them regret their arrogant disregard for the people they supposedly represent.

May I suggest we all discover the name of our present councillor and cast our vote in the election for someone else, anyone else.

The simple outcome, hopefully, would be an all new council who would have to listen to their electorate.

Howard Lewis, Hailes Avenue, Edinburgh

Capital could lead green crusade

SINCE the cost of running a car is at an all-time high there would be no better time than the present to go “green” in terms of transport and give the car a rest.

The nation’s dependency on this mode of transport has risen dramatically over the last few decades and it could be just a matter of time before Scotland’s network of ageing roads, which are in constant need of repair, buckle under the strain of an ever- increasing volume of traffic.

Edinburgh being the capital of Scotland could lead the way in terms of bringing about a radical change in the way the nation travels around.

Angus McGregor, Albion Road, Edinburgh

Council must take share of blame

THE community in Portobello are disappointed that the council has not delivered a replacement Portobello High School by now.

Could better project management by the council’s project delivery team have prevented this delay?

It has always been aware of the possibility that a court action could be raised against the development on Portobello Park.

But the council’s actions to mitigate this have been unsuccessful and have resulted in an ongoing delay to the delivery of a replacement high school for Portobello.

Archie Burns, Pittville Street, Edinburgh